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Jackpot typeProgressive Jackpot
Max. wager90
Bonus typeBonus Round
Max. payout200X the bet


Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but this game offers much more when it comes to the world of jewels. Glitz lives up to its name with glittering gems of every variety. This has been a popular theme for many games and Glitz delivers plenty of fun. Right away players will notice something a bit different than other traditional video slots. The game features two sets of reels, a 3x4 set of main reels with another 2x2 set adjacent to those. All wagers are split among both sets of reels, offering a high max wager opportunity and numerous ways to win.

There are precious stones of all varieties to watch out for as those reels do their work including topaz, amethyst, rubies, opals, diamonds, sapphires, and emeralds. Some other symbols stand out including dollar signs and the letter G (for Glitz) encrusted in sparkling stones. Beyond that, there’s not too much visually stunning about this game. That may not matter, however, if the reels line up just right and send some precious stones (and dollars) your way.

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Live a bit of the high life with Glitz as players try and collect jewels that can bring even bigger rewards. Here’s a quick look at how to play and some key features you may notice along the way.

  1. Notice a set of 2x2 reels adjacent to a set of 3x4 reels. There is a red background with the spin button located below the reels to the right.

  2. Before spinning, players can adjust the bet selector to the left of the spin button, which allows up to 300 credits ($3) per line for a total wager of 9,000 credits ($90). To the left of that, players can also adjust the number of lines played, up to a maximum of 60.

  3. Hit the spin button and watch the symbols roll around the reels. After the reels come to a stop, players will see any winning sent to their credit banks as the paylines on the screen show players their winning combinations.

  4. To the left of the number of lines to play, players can also select autoplay to see up to 100 spins without having to manually spin the reels.


Live out those precious stone dreams in Glitz as you hope for a lifestyle of the rich and famous. As noted though, there’s not much in the way of over-the-top graphics or animation. For example, the word “wild” simply serves as the wild symbol. As in many games, the wild replaces other symbols allowing for additional winning possibilities.

There are some shiny free spin opportunities in Glitz by finding four G symbols (or wilds) on the first two reels followed by scattered dollar symbols anywhere on the third through fifth reels. Got all that? Accomplish this task and you’ll be rewarded with 20 free spins. Simply find those scattered dollar signs and you’ll earn a shot to choose a jewelry box with a unique twist. If your box contains an amount higher than what is on your reels, then the chosen symbol replaces the symbol on the reels.

There are a couple of other ways to earn free spins as well. Land three scatter symbols on reels three, four, and five. This gives you five free spins and a chance to choose a jewelry box as well. Also, find four symbols on reels one and two for five free spins. Those symbols also lock in place for the five free spins, allowing you even more chances to win. Glitz may not be the biggest and best game, but it does offer players nice bonus opportunities, free spins, and extra ways to win some bling.

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Understand the key symbols of the Glitz slot machine, including wilds and jackpots, and their impact on gameplay and payouts.

Key Symbols


Wild – These symbols can substitute for other symbols on the reels.

Can help connect winning spins including some of those that may bring about bonus features.

G symbol – Look to land four of these on the 2x2 reels (can include a wild) and scattered dollar symbols on the other reels to bring about some free spins.

Players will earn 20 free spins for a chance to collect plenty of winnings. If there was no wild on the 2x2 reels, players go to a separate screen to select a jewelry box. If the box value is higher than the amount on screen, the box value replaces that value played for in the free spins.

Dollar sign – This serves as the game’s scatter symbol.

Can help trigger special winning opportunities like free spins (see above). Find three dollar signs on the third, fourth, or fifth reels to also win five free spins.


  • PROS:
    The free spins feature is nice and the unique reel setup offers something different. The laid-back music is also pleasing, similar to what one might expect to hear on a game show.

  • CONS
    Graphics are very basic and there are no major bells and whistles. The game may get redundant to some more accustomed to more features. There are also minimal bonus game options.



On what slot app is Glitz available?

Glitz is available on the popular Jackpot Party app, available with a simple download on both iPhone and Android. Play is completely free and includes all of the features in this game. Players will find all the key Glitz gameplay and symbols they’d find playing the game in a casino.


Where can I play Glitz?

Along with playing on the app, you can also play via browser at the Jackpot Party website in demo mode with no download required. To give this option a try, simply scroll to the top. This only takes a few seconds to get the game loaded and get started playing.


How do you win at Glitz?

Finding the free spins is one of the best ways to win in this game and there are a few ways to achieve this. The Wild symbol can also be key in this game in linking up more winning combinations, which can also include extra features like free spins. The jewelry box selection during these spins can also help players achieve higher payouts during this bonus feature.


Can I play Glitz for free?

Jackpot Party allows players to play Glitz and numerous other slots completely for free – without any real money at risk. Players will have plenty of fun trying to see those jewels show up on the reels!