• Must Hit By Slots is a type of slot where the jackpot changes from each win. These are considered progressive slots, but instead of them continuously climbing, the overall jackpot amount changes each time you play. You’ll be able to see a meter on the slot that shows how close it is to hitting. 

  • Must Hit By Slots provides an excitement level unlike any other, thanks to the continuously rising jackpot. It creates a social environment that could create lasting memories with fellow players. 

  • The advances in technology, particularly AI and virtual reality, could someday allow for these adrenaline-pumping experiences from anywhere, but for now, you’ll have to visit some of the top casinos, particularly in Vegas, to feel that energy.

What if we told you there was a slot machine with a guaranteed jackpot payment that one lucky player would undoubtedly receive? 

These types of slots are known as “Must Hit By” slots or “Mystery Jackpot.” 

Must Hit By slots aren’t traditional but align more with progressive jackpot slots

When that cap is reached, it’s only a matter of time before that jackpot is won. 

Below, we’ll delve into all things related to Must Hit By slots, including their definition, how they work, pros and cons, strategies, and more. 

Understanding Must Hit By Slots

Falling under the category of progressive jackpot slots Must Hit By slots differ because the jackpot amount changes after each win. Like the spinning of the wheel, the jackpot can change after each jackpot is won and will be displayed for players. So, as the jackpot increases with each play, you will know what the cap is.

Often, as the Must Hit By mark approaches, players know it will hit soon, adding even more excitement to the playing experience. 

Further, these slots may not always have just one jackpot. Some slots often have a three-tiered system of jackpots, which could be the case with these. If that’s the case, they’ll all have their Must Hit By cap. 

The Simplified Mechanics of Must Hit By Slots

To simplify, Must Hit By slots increase by a certain percentage, but unlike a standard progressive jackpot slot, these have a cap they’ll ultimately reach. Players can anticipate a win once the number is reached, whereas progressive slots can go on almost infinitely. 

These types of slots are available in both retail and online slot machines. They’ll all have a clear display on the screen with a Must Hit By marker. If that’s unclear on the screen, you’re likely playing a progressive jackpot slot instead of a Must Hit By one. 

How Must Hit By Slots Work

RNG, or random number generator, is a key term and acronym when analyzing or examining slot machines. 

Essentially, slot machines are built so that it is impossible to identify which symbols will land where. Everything is completely random. 

Well, with Must Hit By slots, that’s also the case, but in addition to the wheel spinning, the jackpot amount is also completely random. 

For example, the jackpot amount in one game is $500, and then $750 in the next game. Again, it’s completely random, so your best bet if you’re playing is to always aim for whatever jackpot is posted because it could change from jackpot to jackpot. 

This variability can create differing wins, but a jackpot is bound to be hit, especially once it reaches the new Must Hit By figure. 

While there is RNG, the meter that you’ll see displayed on the screen is there to build anticipation and make the playing experience that much more enticing. 

If you know, the Must Hit By number is $1,000. The meter slowly goes up from $789 to $791, eventually reaching the outskirts of $1,000, and you know that the jackpot number is coming soon. Players will rush to hit it. 

Players may also increase their wager amount in hopes of a bigger payout when this happens. 

Remember, the meter only continues to move as players play, so there is a sense of accomplishment here. Players, whether online or in person, are, without knowing it, really working together. They’re pooling resources to increase the meter. 

Advantages of Must Hit By Slots

The pros and cons or advantages and disadvantages are somewhat subjective whenever you're discussing slots, as everyone enjoys these games differently. 

Here are some advantages to playing these types of slots:

  • Overall Excitement: Seeing a visual cue—the meter—increases anticipation as players see it reaching that Must Hit By number. 

  • Better Overall Odds: Whereas progressive slots continue to rise when the jackpot number is reached with Must Hit By slots, you know it’s only a matter of time before it’s won. 

  • Social Environment: This doesn’t apply to an online setting, but at retail casinos, when that meter is getting closer to that Must Hit By number, this creates an opportunity for players to congregate with one another and experience that jackpot hit, creating memories of fun and excitement with friends. 

  • Variety of Players: Must Hit By slots are bound to attract all types of players. While the more traditional slot player may stay away from progressive slots due to the overall payout rate of their jackpot, Must Hit By slots show a cap on the jackpot, which creates some certainty. From there, it’s just a matter of who wins and who doesn’t. 

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Disadvantages of Must Hit By Slots

As with anything, there are advantages and disadvantages. As mentioned, though, these can be subjective. 

Below are some disadvantages of Must Hit By slots that some players may notice or see when playing these. 

  • Increased Bet Amounts: Because of the nature of Must Hit By slots and the fact that it’s only a matter of time before a jackpot is won, it’s not uncommon for casinos to make players up the ante a bit. This could cut your budget and allow for fewer rounds than other slots. 

  • Competition: While the social part of Must Hit By slots can create fond memories, there’s no denying that the competition level, especially as that meter hits its cap, is at an all-time high. It’s almost like the lottery. You may have so many people buy a ticket, but when it reaches $1 billion, everyone you know wants a ticket. That’s similar to what you can expect with Must Hit By slots as the cap is reached. 

  • Timing: If you see that the Must Hit By slot has a cap of $1,000 and it’s only at $120, it could take some time for it to be hit. Thus, the incentive to play is minimal at that time. 

  • Overspending: Going back to the budget, Must Hit By slots may allow you to rationalize with yourself and continue playing as the jackpot number is reached. We strongly recommend always sticking to a strict budget. There will be other opportunities. 

Strategies for Playing Must Hit By Slots

As mentioned above, with the RNG element of slots and the Must Hit By amount, we cannot guarantee a win on these slots, but there are some strategies you can use to at least have a leg up on the competition. 

  • Monitor the Meter: If you see that the meter has a cap and the current number is way off, bide your time and wait a bit to dive in. Begin playing as the meter gets closer to the cap. 

  • Utilize Promotions and Bonuses: Take advantage of promotions and bonuses online. These could add bonus credits to your virtual wallet for additional play on Must Hit By slots. 

  • Fluctuate Wager Amount: Wagers must be placed to reach the cap. So, if you start playing when the meter is low, wager closer to the minimum amount and strategize your bankroll to increase the ante as the meter increases. 

Must Hit By Slots Mathematic Overview

While there’s no simple formula for assessing Must Hit By slots, we can utilize probability and Expected Value to at least assist in gauging how to approach them. 

How to Use Math To Your Advantage

  • Probability: Multiple factors must be considered when determining an overall probability with Must Hit By slots. These include the capped amount, the current number, and the rate at which bets are placed. In a retail setting, you can see the number of players playing, though that’s not the case online. It’s important to remember that the jackpot can be won at any time between getting to the capped number. 

  • Expected Value: With Expected Value, you’ll examine factors to determine an average outcome during a player’s experience. Again, there’s no clear-cut picture, but reviewing the size of the jackpot, the odds of winning, competition, and examining your losses does play a role. 

So you can begin to keep track. If the jackpot is $1,000, the minimum wager is $0.20, and the maximum wager is $1, you’ll likely contribute less the further off the meter is from the maximum number. However, as the meter gets closer to the number and you get closer to that $1 mark, you’ll need to assess the volume of wagers you’re placing and the competition. 

According to a study by Kevin A. Harrigan and Mike Dixon at the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada, the average slot round is about six seconds or ten spins per minute. 

Must Hit By Slots Player Experiences

Thanks to YouTube, Reddit, and other social media, we learn more about the average player experience daily. 

Using these sources and more, we’ve found several testimonials regarding players’ experiences playing Must Hit By slots. 

We’ll include a few examples below. 

  • “A few weeks ago I was playing Volcanic Triple 7s which has three must-hit progressives. The grand was at $960 and was must hit by $100. It took me 3 spins to hit. Good times,” one user wrote on this YouTube video

  • “I eventually learned not to fall into that trap. I noticed that as I got closer to that must-hit amount, the number of hits to move that counter slowed greatly. I did get it once, but that was it,” someone else said in that video. 

  • “I like eagle bucks. I never hit big but always seem to get some hits. The others skunk me completely more often than not. Loved the video!” another user wrote. 

Must Hit By Slots In Las Vegas

Las Vegas is the ultimate spot for retail casino play. There are more than 60 casinos in the city, and Must Hit By slots are scattered throughout them. Ainsworth develops the most notable Must Hit By Slots, with Ming Warrior being among the more popular ones. To be clear, there aren’t hundreds of these in each casino, but if you can find a jackpot slot developed by Ainsworth, chances are it’s a Must Hit By slot. 

Comparing Must Hit By Slots to Other Progressive Slots

While Must Hit By slots fall in the progressive slots category, some key differences include jackpot size, payout structure, and player experience. 

Difference in Payouts

Payout differences are vastly different when comparing these two types of slots. 

With Must Hit By slots, the jackpot is pre-determined. While it can be won before it reaches that threshold, a visual cue shows the maximum win, and it’s just a matter of time. 

Conversely, progressive slots continuously rise, and the payouts are lessened overall. 

Jackpot Sizes

Piggybacking off of what was mentioned above, the jackpot sizes are always vastly different. 

With Must Hit By slots and progressives, the jackpots continuously raise and can be won anytime. 

However, Must Hit By slots have a cap, while progressives don’t. Therefore, the jackpot with progressives can climb for a fair amount. In contrast, the capped jackpot at Must Hit By slots will eventually be won. 

Player Experience

With progressive slots, the player experience is heightened if you win a massive jackpot. Still, there’s always a sense of mystery, as players wonder when the jackpot will be hit. 

Sure, you might sacrifice an overall jackpot amount with Must Hit By slots. Still, you’ll know when the cap is being reached, creating excitement as a win is imminent. 

Exploring nuances between Must Hit By slots and progressive slots extends to understanding their winning probabilities and strategies. Below, we highlight key factors in a comparative table:


Must Hit By Slots                                      

Progressive Slots                                      

Payout Structure     

Pre-determined jackpot with visual cue, Maximum win indicated, predictable timeframe 

Continuously rising jackpots, Payouts lessened overall, unpredictable jackpot 

Jackpot Size         

Cap on jackpot size, eventually won when cap reached   

No cap on jackpot size can climb indefinitely         

Player Experience    

Excitement as the cap is reached, the anticipation of win, Predictable win timeframe 

Heightened experience with a massive jackpot, Sense of mystery about when jackpot will be hit 

Winning Probability 

Fixed probability of winning before reaching cap, Higher probability of winning smaller amounts 

Probability changes as the jackpot increases, lower probability of winning larger amounts 


Players may strategize around nearing the cap          

Strategy often focused on timing of play and jackpot size 

Must Hit By Slots: Legal Considerations

If you’re a casino player in the United States, online and retail casinos have strict guidelines for who can operate machines and online platforms. 

These include protocols such as ensuring that each game is random and cannot be tinkered with to provide players with less chance of winning. 

Additional laws, such as a minimum age requirement, and protections, such as regular casino audits, ensure these machines and others are functioning to the letter of the law. 

Of course, every area is different, so be aware of the standards in your area, whether in the United States or abroad. 

Must Hit By Slots: Technological Influence and Future Trends

As technology continues to evolve, we’ll begin seeing more exciting features in Must Hit By slots. 

Right now, Must Hit By slots utilize RNG, are available in online settings, across multiple channels or even online platforms, and more. 

But what’s next for Must Hit By slots beyond what we have now?

Industry Predictions

Several predictions or things we could see in the future as technology evolves could impact the player experience of Must Hit By slots. 

  • “Live Dealer” Experience: Right now, there are live dealer games across online casinos for table games, but these could implement Must Hit By slots to get you in on the action and fuse the retail setting and online setting. You could see the competition online and in a retail setting. 

  • Virtual Reality: Based on that “live dealer” experience, we could see devices that allow you to be on the ground floor of the retail casino, but virtually. 

  • AI/Machine Learning: It’s a hot topic, but the advancement of artificial intelligence could have some interesting impacts on Must Hit By slots. It could assist in recognizing patterns for when these games are hit, which could combat RNG.

Must Hit By Slots: Responsible Gaming Information

We can discuss strategies and Must Hit By slots for an unlimited amount of time, but before all else, responsible gameplay is the most important thing to consider. 

We never want to see anyone suffer from gambling addiction, and as we said above, treat this entertainment. The thrill of a big win is there, but let’s face it—the house always has some edge. 

Still, that doesn’t mean it can’t be enjoyed. It’s all in moderation. 

Let’s discuss more tips below. 

Tips to Consider

  • Manage Your Bankroll: This applies to every facet of casino play, but sticking to a strict budget will put you in a position where you’re having fun but not overspending and putting yourself in a position to chase losses. 

  • Treat This As Entertainment: We often spend $20 to see a movie or $50 to go to a concert. Treat Must Hit By slots the same way—allow yourself a comfortable spending limit and see what you can do with it. 

  • Be Prepared to Walk Away: Set yourself a losing limit along with a budget. If you budget $100 and set a losing limit of $50 and you reach it, don’t think twice—just get up and walk away. There are other Must Hit By jackpots to be won later.



What does Must Hit By mean on slot machines?

When you encounter a slot with a “Must Hit By” tag, this indicates that the specified jackpot amount is continuously climbing but has a cap on it. So, as the meter increases, you can see that the jackpot is approaching. A big win is coming as the meter reaches its goal.


Is there a trick to hitting on slot machines?

No. Slot machines of all kinds are programmed with RNG technology to ensure that there is no way to follow a pattern to secure a win.


What triggers a jackpot on a slot machine?

To trigger a jackpot on a slot machine or Must Hit By slot, you’ll need to have a lucky spin of the wheel that results in a specific combination of symbols on the reels.


What kind of slots are Must Hit By slots?

Must Hit By slots are considered progressive slots, but the difference is that instead of the jackpot continuously climbing, there’s a hard cap on what it can reach.

Must Hit By Slots Conclusion

As with any time you approach playing slot machines, keep in mind that they’re random. We cannot stress this enough: There’s no way to determine when a win will happen. With Must Hit By slots, a visual shows the maximum jackpot. While that does signal a win is imminent, there’s no way to know if you or someone else will win. 

Before playing Must Hit By slots, refer to this page and deploy the strategies and information listed above to ensure you have the best possible experience. 

Must Hit By slots can be exciting, but as always, remember the rules of responsible gameplay.

If you or someone you know is struggling with gambling addiction, contact 1-800-GAMBLER.

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