Jackpot Party is gearing up to blow you away with the launch of the latest and greatest NEW slot, Huff N' More Puff! It is already released in the land-based market so players can now take Huff N’ More Puff with them on-the-go in Jackpot Party!

First up, at the center of the dance floor, we have the Mega Hat Feature. In this bonus feature, bigger hats spin through until the reels stop, and whatever spaces have hats then become locked in straw house borders triggering your six free spins.

Next, we have the Buzz Saw Feature. Each buzz saw starts from the space it landed for the bonus trigger and adds a border to each space from its starting point to the right until it rolls off the screen, locking in each reward.

Finally, Huff N' More Puff also includes the Mansions Feature. During this feature, all the hats that land on the reels automatically yield mansion borders and the spaces the buzzsaws land give you mansion house borders to start. You even get a visit from the BIG BAD WOLF, who we have grown fond of since he huffs n’ puffs MORE jackpots for you!

With the built-in bonuses, players have the potential to win even bigger and better prizes than before. Your piggy banks will be full of wins, rewards, jackpots and MORE! You will not want to miss the action of Huff N' More Puff!

This slot is a must-try for avid slot game enthusiasts both in-game and on the casino floor! Do not miss your chance to spin the reels and experience the big bad FUN of Huff N’ More Puff! Head into Jackpot Party now and get ready for a thrilling adventure filled with amazing rewards, your favorite Piggies, the Big Bad Wolf, all the new features, and so much more!