Slot machines have been around for well over 100 years, and with that comes untold history involving these machines throughout all generations of their development. 

As such, there’s been a bunch of interesting stats and information surrounding these machines, and below, we’ll explore as many as we can find. 

  1. Revenue: Slot machines account for about 70% of casino revenue. These are the most popular and profitable casino games. 

  2. Daily Loss Figures: The average daily loss on slot machines is about $185. 

  3. Number of Machines: Las Vegas has about 200,000 slot machines, or approximately one slot per four residents. 

  4. RTP: The minimum RTP in many states is 85%. 

  5. Longest Slot Machine Session: The longest recorded slot machine session was played by Johanna Heundl at the Bally’s Las Vegas Casino in 2001. She played for over 18 hours straight and won a jackpot of nearly $22 million.

  6. Japan Slots: There are more than five million slot machines throughout Japan. 

  7. Slot Machine Tournament Size: The largest-ever slot machine tournament had nearly 3,200 players. 

  8. Largest Slot Machine Casino: The biggest slot machine casino in the country is Foxwoods Resort Casino in Connecticut. There are about 3,000 on the floor. 

  9. Slot Machine Addiction: It’s estimated that about 1% or more of the United States population struggles with gambling addiction related to slot machines. 

  10. Global Online Casino Market: Slots comprise about 30% of the global market. 

  11. Slot Machine Game Library Coverage: Of the 2,500 operator sites surveyed, slots account for 87.5% of their game libraries. 

  12. Game Production in 2022: Games Global produced 186 games in 2022. That was more than Pragmatic Play, KA Gaming, Inbet Games, and more. Light & Wonder produced 93. 

  13. Las Vegas Casinos: There are 45 casinos on the Las Vegas Strip and 300 throughout the state. 

  14. Biggest Slot Machine Win: The largest jackpot win recorded was from Excalibur Casino in Las Vegas for $39.7 million. This came in 2003 by an anonymous software engineer. He wagered $100 on the slot. 

  15. Slot Machines in the United States: Over 900,000 slot machines nationwide. 

  16. Nevada Average Payout Percentage: The average payout at slot machines is roughly 93.28% in Nevada. 

  17. Atlantic City Slot Machines: There are more than 25,000 slot machines throughout Atlantic City. 

  18. Casinos in the United States: There are close to 500 retail casinos in the United States. This statistic is from 2022. 

  19. Highest Denomination Slots: High-Limit slots will allow you to wager up to $1,000 per spin. 

  20. First Slot Machine: The first slot machine was developed in 1895 by Charles Fey. 

  21. 2022 Commercial Casino Revenue: In 2022, commercial casinos generated about $60.46 billion. 

  22. 2023 Commercial Casino Revenue: Including tribal casino revenue, United States casinos generated about $110 billion in revenue. 

  23. Slot Machine Gross Revenue (2023): In 2023, slot machines contributed more than $66 billion to the total gross revenue. 

  24. February 2024 Revenue: In February 2024, slots accounted for $4.13 billion. 

  25. Job Growth: In 2023, commercial gaming supported nearly 738,000 jobs, and slot machines were a massive part of that growth. 

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Further, we want to list 20 commercial casino markets in the United States by revenue in 2023. This isn’t necessarily all for slots, but it speaks to the health of the commercial gaming sector, where slot machines are most prominent. 

  1. Las Vegas Strip - $8,833.4 billion

  2. Atlantic City - $2,859.2 billion

  3. Chicagoland - $2,191.3 billion

  4. Baltimore-Washington DC - $2,081.4 billion

  5. Gulf Coast - $1,590.0 billion

  6. Queens/Yonkers - $1,542.7 billion

  7. Philadelphia - $1,374.3 billion

  8. Detroit - $1,236.9 billion

  9. St. Louis - $1,083.2 billion

  10. Boulder Strip - $964.7 million

  11. The Poconos - $934.7 million

  12. Black Hawk/Central City - $923.2 million

  13. Reno/Sparks - $911.0 million

  14. Lake Charles - $901.0 million

  15. Memphis - $888.6 million

  16. Kansas City - $834.4 million

  17. Downtown Las Vegas - $811.3 million

  18. Cleveland - $768.0 million

  19. Boston - $759.9 million

  20. Miami, FL - $690.9 million

The development of slot machine technology has contributed greatly to the number of statistics listed above. 

Since the first slot machine was developed in 1895, we’ve seen developments in how they were crafted, from the Liberty Bell slot to the first video slot in 1976, RNG getting developed and used in the 1990s, networked progressive slots in the early 2000s, and the 2010s, it became far more digital.

Casino play was first legalized in Nevada in 1931, and online casino gambling became legal in 2013. 

Now, we look forward to the future. The slot machine industry advanced technologically quite quickly, and now, with other advancements in artificial intelligence and virtual reality software, we’ll see a whole new wave of fun and exciting slot machine stats to look back on decades from now just like we’re doing now over 100 years after Charley Fey developed the first one. 


Richard Janvrin
Richard Janvrin

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