A roomful of slot players is hitting the “spin” button as fast as possible as the video reels whirl. There are plenty of smiles and lightning-fast fingers as the action continues.

A clock ticks down and the end of the session soon comes to an end with players gauging their own total against the other competitors in the room. A few have scored enough to move on to another round as some major prizes await the winners. This isn’t the scene of a typical night out at the casinos, these players are locked in battle in a slot machine tournament.

These events pit numerous slot players against each other and have become much more popular over the last few years, with casinos around the country embracing these fun events. But there may be a few ways to rise to the top when competing in a slot tournament.

Keep reading to learn some slot tournament strategy and tips as well as plenty of the ins and outs of these events..

Understanding Slot Tournaments

Slot tournaments can be a fun alternative to traditional slot play. For those who are competitive, these events also add some entertaining elements that see players battling other players with the hopes of winning a nice award.

Rather than choosing varying slots on their own, players in a slot tournament have a certain period to accrue as many winnings as possible. These players can then win a top prize if they beat all the other players in the event.

Some slot tournaments may feature several rounds. Players hope to advance through these rounds with a chance to play for the grand prize. Many casinos often reward players with the chance to compete in a tournament and may put up some major awards for the winners. Some of the benefits of playing a slot tournament can include:

  • A fun and competitive event

  • An added challenge beyond a traditional slot experience

  • Big prizes can be on the line

  • Loyal casino players may be given the chance for free

  • Online slot tournament options are available as well on some platforms

Some casinos offer twin tournaments, meaning players may compete in two tournaments over a weekend. Others may offer players a few chances, such as three rounds, with the best three scores added together to determine winners. Whatever the format, these events offer a fun afternoon playing some slots with some nice potential winnings on the line.

Preparing for Success

When heading to a slot tournament, practice responsible gaming as you would with any other type of gambling. Make sure the entry fee isn’t money that you need for other important bills or needs. Look for tournaments that fall within your bankroll.

Also, don’t have expectations of always winning these events. Slots make use of an RNG, so results will always be random. Those who enjoy these events should look for casinos where they are usually offered. Some properties favor these types of events to reward players and may also regularly feature them as part of their gaming menu.

Use a player’s card when playing at the casinos to earn a shot in the tournaments and also ask about the regular schedule to jump in the action.

Some tournaments allow players to rebuy into an event if they get eliminated. If the buy-in is low enough, it might be worth jumping back in the action giving you more opportunities to win. But weigh the fee involved against your overall chance of winning some prize money. Sometimes it might not be worth the effort, so plan when it comes to budgeting any rebuys in a tournament.

“Slot tournaments are highly competitive, entertaining, and thrilling competitions,” PlayToday notes. “They take place all over the world and the winners, as well as other high-ranking players, can win big prizes. Joining a slot tournament is easy and inexpensive, but you need to put effort into some preparation if you want to improve your chances of winning.”

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In-Tournament Strategies

Ready to get in the action of a slot tournament? There are some key things to keep in mind. First, it’s important to realize that the result of a slot spin is based on the game’s random number generator (RNG). Wins are completely random and there is no getting around that the casino always has an edge. However, there are a few strategies to keep in mind.

  • Speed and efficiency – Remember that in slot tournaments you’re competing against the other players in the tournament, not just hoping for winnings here and there. With a time limit, players will want to spin those reels as fast as possible. Don’t wait, just keep hitting “spin” to accrue as many as possible

  • Collect more bonuses – This comes along with speed and efficiency, hopefully delivering more bonus games and free spins in the process. These extra winning opportunities can really add up and vault up the standings. You can't necessarily make these show up, but keeping those reels spinning offers a better chance to make that happen.

  • “A player is striving to hit the more valuable combinations, not that they have any control to make that happen in most cases,” Anthony Curtis, publisher of LasVegasAdvisor.com, tells Casino Player magazine.

  • Stay focused – Along those same lines, keep focused on the task at hand. Checking out other players’ results, drinking a cocktail, or chit-chatting can slow down your spinning. While normal trips to a casino may make a bankroll last longer by playing slowly, the goal of a slot tournament is to get in as many spins as possible.

  • Play the maximum – Note: only play at this level if you can really afford it and it falls within your bankroll – irresponsible gaming isn’t advised. When you do play at higher levels and find some winning combinations, you’ll want those to register at the highest amounts on the pay table. With limited time, there’s no time to play small ball.

  • Manage your bankroll – Just as in any type of gaming, budget accordingly when playing slot tournaments. Look for events that fit within your range. Make sure you’re not using cash that you can’t afford to use. Some casinos even offer “freeroll” slot tournaments for players who regularly visit and play at the property. These are worth taking advantage of and don't even require you to necessarily spend any money.

Slot Tournament Etiquette

The great thing about a slot tournament is the fun involved – with lots of smiles and laughs all around. These are simply entertaining events with a chance to win some real cash. Many players get to know those around them and recognize faces if they play regularly in the same events.

Quote Open

“Players form friendships with other tournament players and a tournament is an opportunity for them to get together,” Curtis says.

Quote Open

The events are pretty easy to play, so enjoy some of the camaraderie involved. Bad sportsmanship doesn’t have a place in these types of events, and congratulating winners can spread some good vibes all around. Remember, proper etiquette is essential; leave any bad attitudes at the door, and a slot tournament just might offer a fun way to forget about the stress and drama that may come with everyday life.

5 – Analyzing Tournament Slot Machine Selection

Many casinos give players the opportunity to win bonuses on slots during a tournament. The machines are often set to play out more bonuses in tournament mode, ramping up the excitement even more.

In most tournaments, the casino assigns only one type of machine for all players to compete on. In the rare cases where a tournament allows players to choose among differing games, players will want to check on which games are likely to award more bonus rounds and free spins, giving you a better chance to rack up some winnings.

Maximizing your stakes offers you the best chance to bring in more winnings. It’s crucial to remember the goal is to have more points/winnings than other players when the tournament round is up.

“The casino doesn't determine which machine will have the best score in a session, nor does it decide who will win the tournament,” Casino City Times notes. “Your scores determine your standing in the tournament and every player should have the same chances of getting the big payouts on the machines.”

Leveraging Leaderboard Strategies & Post-Tournament Analysis

Building on that note of scoring the highest point total, it’s worth taking a glance at the leaderboard standings on occasion. If a casino has a screen that tabulates standings, you can check out the action live as players continue spinning the reels.

This will offer some insight into how many points you need to gain or possibly how far you are ahead. A player will especially want to check this out later in the tournament round.

Down some points with only a few minutes remaining? Make sure you’re max betting and continue spinning as fast as possible to try and make up some ground on the leaderboard. This may even be more important in multi-round tournaments, where simply being among the top few players may allow you to move on to the next round.

Playing free slots on platforms like Jackpot Party and QuickHitSlots.com will at least give players a look at some popular slot games. You can practice and see how certain games and bonus features work.

After the tournament, it’s a good idea to evaluate your performance. Were other players more efficient than your play? Were there tournament rules you could have better taken advantage of? Did you play at an optimal level?

Answering some of these questions and learning from mistakes will help a player improve in that next tournament by utilizing newfound insights.

Responsible Tournament Play

Just as in all forms of gambling, playing responsibly in slot tournaments is always the goal. As noted, don't wager money that you can’t afford to lose. If a tournament buy-in is too much, look for another option or pass on hitting the casino altogether.

Free slots may offer a better alternative until you have a large enough bankroll to play. Another thing players might want to remember is that even though a casino may reward loyal players with free slot tournaments, it’s ill-advised to play simply to earn these types of rewards so stay within your own budget.

Casino gambling, including slots and slot tournaments, should be fun and entertaining. According to the Mayo Clinic, some signs to consider if you might have a gambling problem or are overdoing it include:

  • Being preoccupied with gambling and how to get more money to gamble.

  • Needing to gamble with increasing amounts of money to get the same thrill.

  • Trying to control, cut back, or stop gambling without success.

  • Feeling restless or irritable when trying to cut down on gambling.

  • Gambling to escape problems or relieve feelings of helplessness, guilt, anxiety, or depression.

  • Trying to get back lost money by gambling more.

  • Lying to family members or others to hide the extent of gambling.

  • Risking or losing important relationships, a job, school, or work opportunities because of gambling.

  • Asking others to bail you out of financial trouble because of lost money.

Success Stories

Slot tournaments offer a great way to spend some time at the tournament with the potential for some big paydays. The buy-ins, prizes offered, and tournament styles can vary greatly. Some offer some major payouts.

Cruise ships have become a hotspot for slots tournaments over the last few years and Carnival has become a tournament leader with some major events. In November 2023, the Carnival Celebration ship hosted the largest slot tournament in the cruise line’s history. As the name implies, the $1 Million Slot Tournament offered seven figures up for grabs.

When the dust settled, 1,691 guests jumped in the action with the top 100 players getting some kind of cash prize. Rhonda Anderson, came out on top for a first-place payout of $500,000. Second place went to Courtney Paschal, who was awarded $150,000, while third-place winner Robert Blevins earned $50,000.


Slot tournaments are a great way to enjoy some time at a casino. Players aren't looking for winnings necessarily and instead hoping to accrue the most points to beat the other players in the tournament. Buy-ins, prize pools, and rules. Here are a few other key concepts to remember when playing in a slot tournament.

  • Spin the reels as fast as possible to win more toward your spot in the standings.

  • Stay focused and don’t get distracted. It’s important to get in as many spins as possible, including hopefully landing as many bonus opportunities as possible as well.

  • Max betting offers the best chance at winning as this offers the chance at some of the highest rewards on the pay table.

Another important thing to remember? Bring a good attitude to make the experience more fun. Slot tournaments can offer some great casino experiences with plenty of smiles and laughs. Have a good time – and spin, spin, spin, spin.

Sean Chaffin
Sean Chaffin

Sean Chaffin is a longtime freelance writer, editor, and former high school journalism teacher. He has covered the poker and gaming industry for many years.