Most slot players have dreamed of winning it big when playing slot machines. While many play at lower limits, some ramp up the action even more and play at some high-limit slots.

As the name implies, these games feature larger limits than traditional slots generally found on the casino floor. Slot players will find these games often come with higher payouts and jackpots, especially when maxing out the bet on each spin of the reels.

For some slot fun, and if your bankroll can afford it, head to the high-limit slot area or even at some higher-bet online games for some fun spinning those reels. Hopefully, a nice reward awaits.

Keep reading to find out more about high-limit slots and what goes into playing these games.

What are high-limit slots?

Those who enjoy playing slot games in a casino will easily recognize many of the games and titles that can also be found at higher limits. The games may not vary too much from other slots found in the casino. The minimum and maximum bets, however, will be much higher than traditional slots which may have limits of a single penny.

The games may be similar and just as simple as other slots found in a casino or online, but they’ll require a larger bankroll to play for a long time. The good news is that these games often pay out larger rewards for players as well as big jackpots for those who get really lucky.

Many casinos make sure that these machines pay out in higher percentages to keep players at these higher limits. Playing at higher limits can also come with premium service at a live casino.

Online casinos also offer players a chance to play at bigger stakes as well. Hitting it big on that laptop, tablet, or mobile phone can then come with some extra credits when those reels align just right.

Playing some high-limit slots can make for a fun gaming experience for those who can afford a few extra bucks in the process. Here are just a few things to remember about these games:

  • Higher betting limits

  • Bigger payouts to players

  • Premium casino service for players

  • High limit slots are also available at online casinos

Where to play high-limit slots

Many casinos around the globe offer high-limit slots, from Macau and Monte Carlo to Las Vegas and Atlantic City. Those looking to jump in the action at higher stakes will have numerous opportunities. Even smaller casinos often have some machines with higher limits than the others typically found on the gaming floor.

And while online casinos and social gaming sites allow players to play at lower limits than can often be found in a traditional brick-and-mortar casino, higher limits can also be found when playing slots online. Many games allow players to easily adjust their bets and that includes going up to the max bet.

In a casino, some higher-limit slots can be found occasionally on the traditional gaming floor, but there is also usually a designated high-limit slot area. These may even be referred to as the VIP area or by some other special name.

Casinos often work to keep these areas exclusive and they often come with expanded services such as their own bars and sometimes even other perks like meals. Players may find that these rooms are considerably quieter than the main gaming floor. There are fewer people playing so there is less noise from other slots and table games.

In Las Vegas, some of the higher-end Strip casinos may be the best place to head for high-limit slots. The Venetian and sister property Palazzo regularly earns high marks for the properties’ VIP high limit area. Players can expect high-end cocktails and quick service. The property even features ultra-private rooms for those playing at even higher limits.

Some other popular and elegant casinos also rank well with high-limit players. Some of those include:

  • Cosmopolitan

  • Wynn

  • Bellagio

  • Aria

  • Green Valley Ranch

  • M Resort

  • MGM Grand

Some off-Strip properties offer some nice high-limit areas as well. Players heading to Sin City have numerous options when hitting the higher-limit games. However, the same can be said for other areas. Atlantic City properties like Borgata, Golden Nugget, and Ocean Resort also offer some nice options. The Seminole Hard Rock casinos in Florida (and one soon coming to Vegas with the redevelopment of the Mirage) also have a big slot gaming scene including at higher limits.

Beyond these, numerous other great casinos around the world offer higher-limit slots as well. Players looking to go a little higher when spinning some reels won’t lack for places to check out.

What are the stakes at high-limit slots?

The limits a player can bet on at higher stakes slots will depend on the property or online casino. “High limit” may differ by casino and location as well.

Obviously what qualifies as a high limit for one player may not be the same for another. However, “high limits” may generally refer to spins in the $5-$10 range. Those can go even higher, but those are around the minimum bets per spin depending on the property.

The Venetian, for example, may feature games in the $10 per spin range in the high limit area, but most are around $20 per spin or higher. The Venetian offers even more private rooms for those looking to bet at the $100 per spin level.

Those looking for even bigger action will find limits as high as the $2,000 per spin range. This generally goes for some of the other major casinos that go after those looking to play for big money.

Chances are if you can dream up a number and have the bankroll, there’s a casino that will also allow you to play at those limits. As noted below, if you do play at these levels it’s important to take advantage of any comps and rewards that come your way.

But don’t play just to accrue those comps and reward points. That could be a VERY expensive hotel room or meal if you’re betting thousands and thousands of dollars just to get there.

High limit slot strategy

Like other slots, even high-limit games come with a house advantage. However, there are some things to remember when playing. Some of these actually go for players of all limits.

The first is to make sure that you can afford to lose at higher limits. Slot play should be for entertainment and make sure you have the bankroll to play at those levels.

Another thing to remember is not to get in too big of a hurry. Take a load off and take it easy when you grab a seat at a slot machine. Spinning the reels as quickly as possible may turn that slot machine trip into a quick loser.

A slow approach can make for a better trip and make your bankroll last longer. Order a drink or chit-chat with friends in between spins. There’s no need to get in a hurry.

That also includes staying at one machine. Not winning at those higher limits? Maybe it’s time to switch machines and find another game that interests you more. There’s no reason to continue throwing good money after bad.

Perhaps the entire session is turning into a loser? Maybe take a walk or head back to the hotel room. Perhaps it’s time to even take advantage of some great casino restaurants and grab a bite to eat. The slot machines will still be there later and a more positive slot machine session might be back in the picture now.

Another great idea to consider when playing in a high-limit slot area is the amount of money that a casino pays back to players. This concept of the amount paid back on certain games is known as the Payout Percentage or RTP (meaning return to player). A higher RTP means a casino or online gaming site pays out more of the coin-in (also known as credits) to players.

This works in a player’s favor no matter what limits, but higher RTP for high-limit slots is common, thus your chances of winning may be better on these games. However, it’s important to remember not to play above your own personal bankroll level.

Pick your favorite online free slot games from Jackpot Party and play for fun:

Some high-limit slots may see payout percentages higher than 95 percent. These percentages can often be found easily online and players can also often find the payouts of individual games as well. Checking these numbers out is a good slot strategy when heading to a casino for some slot play. If you’re playing at higher limits, you might as well do some research and give yourself the best chance to win.

Another important thing to remember is to join the casino’s rewards club. This often comes with free play as well as the ability to accrue comps at the property that can include free hotel stays, meals, and other rewards.

Joining the club maybe even more important for high-limit players. The higher games will garner points quicker because most casinos base your rewards on how much you play. This gives you a chance at some nicer comps and prizes as you play.

If higher-limit slots are what you’re interested in playing, you might as well earn some nice prizes and rewards along the way. Take advantage of this nice extra. In review, here’s a look at some strategies to remember:

  • Take it slow – Don't play too fast, helping to make that bankroll last longer.
    Bankroll – Make sure your money is meant for entertainment and you can afford to lose it.

  • Switch it up – Don’t be afraid to switch machines if one isn’t paying off.

  • Drop down – If things aren’t going well, consider moving to lower-stakes games.

  • Join the club – Take advantage of casino comps by joining the rewards club and using that player’s card.

  • Plan ahead – Finding properties with the best payout percentages may help players find the best place for a shot at winning.

High-limit slot jackpots

All slot players have dreamed of a jackpot at one point. Some big wins are certainly fun, but scoring that life-changing jackpot is fun to dream about even if it’s still pretty unlikely. Players jumping in the high limit slot action will still be finding bigger payouts just because they’re playing at such bigger bet levels per spin.

As noted above, higher-limit games also tend to have higher payout percentages, meaning a better opportunity to score some wins along the way.

Those looking for a shot at some Minor, Major, or Grand jackpot will often find much bigger payouts on a higher-limit game. However, it’s important to remember that a high-limit slot game is still a slot. The casino has a built-in advantage and players will generally lose in the long run.

Slot machines are meant for entertainment and even at higher limits players face some tough odds. Take those positive spins and book a winning session when they come your way. Some nice casino vibes are always nice.

Hit a Major prize? It’s OK to put some of that cash in your pocket or bank some back into your account if playing online. There’s no sense in throwing all those winnings back into a game hoping for an even bigger score.

How long do you play high-limit slots before you win? As even high-limit slots are so similar to normal slots in terms of gameplay. That all depends on the Random Number Generator (RNG) within the game that actually determines a winner.

For those who can afford to play at these levels, however, playing the max bet may offer the chance to cash in for even more when you do hit it big. Many games pay considerably more on the pay table when betting the max.

But don’t feel you have to do this if it’s going to eat into your bankroll too much and don’t be scared of dropping down in limit if needed to fit more comfortably within your bankroll. Slots are meant to be fun and it’s not fun losing more money than you might feel comfortable spending on entertainment. In the meantime, good luck, and here’s to catching a big win!

6 – Conclusion

High-limit slots are slot machine games that generally feature limits that are higher than one might find on the normal casino gaming floor. These cost more to play but can also pay out more along the way.

Casinos usually offer special VIP areas for high-limit players and that can also include some nice comps and extras for players who spin the reels at these levels. Higher-limit games also often feature higher payout percentages, which can offer a higher chance of winning sessions.

Most casinos offer some kind of high-limit play and the nicer Las Vegas Strip properties go out of their way to cater to these players. Those playing higher limits should still plan to play with a bankroll they are willing to lose as part of their entertainment budget.

It’s important to remember that the house or online casino has an edge, but winning sessions at the slots is possible. Have fun and hopefully a win is in the works.


  1. What are high limit slots?
    High-limit slots are slot machine games that have higher minimum and maximum bets than traditional slots, often found in a separate VIP area of the casino, and offer the potential for larger payouts and jackpots.

  2. Where can I play high limit slots?
    Many casinos around the world offer high-limit slots, including on the traditional gaming floor or in a designated VIP area. Online casinos also offer higher-limit games. Some of the best places to play high-limit slots include Las Vegas Strip casinos like The Venetian, Palazzo, Cosmopolitan, Wynn, Bellagio, and Aria, as well as off-Strip properties and other casinos around the world.

  3. What are the stakes at high-limit slots?
    The limits a player can bet on at higher stakes slots depend on the property or online casino, but high limits typically refer to spins in the $5-$10 range or higher, with some limits as high as $2,000 per spin.

  4. What is the strategy for playing high-limit slots?
    Players should make sure they can afford to lose at higher limits, take it slow to make their bankroll last longer, switch machines if one isn't paying off, drop down to lower-stakes games if things aren't going well, join the casino's rewards club to take advantage of comps, and find properties with the best payout percentages to improve their chances of winning.

  5. What are high-limit slot jackpots?
    High-limit slots offer the potential for bigger payouts and jackpots than traditional slots, with some games featuring Minor, Major, or Grand jackpots. However, it's important to remember that the casino has a built-in advantage, and players should approach slot machines as entertainment and book a winning session when they come.

  6. Are high-limit slots worth playing?
    Playing high-limit slots can be a fun gaming experience for those who can afford it and are willing to play with a bankroll they are willing to lose. While the house always has an advantage, higher-limit games can offer the potential for bigger payouts and jackpots, and finding games with higher payout percentages can improve a player's chances of winning.

Sean Chaffin
Sean Chaffin

Sean Chaffin is a longtime freelance writer, editor, and former high school journalism teacher. He has covered the poker and gaming industry for many years.